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100% IB pass rate for CATS Colleges

Student storiesUniversity preparation 7 July 2020

In defiance of the most adverse circumstances, CATS students continue to set record highs and carry on our tradition of excellence.

Continuing a summer of achievement, students from CATS Canterbury are celebrating huge results among those studying the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB).

For the fourth year running, we offer hearty congratulations on a 100% pass rate, with a high score of 44/45.

These amazing results open up progression to some of the top UK universities. Students have already met offers to study:

  • Physics at St Andrews
  • Medicine at Nottingham
  • Law at Birmingham
  • Economics and Management at Brunel
  • Law at London South Bank
  • Media Communication at the University of Arts London (two places)

Why study the IB at CATS?

The IB promotes creativity and independence among a generation of young academics, fully preparing them for ongoing study and a bright career. The quality of teaching and pastoral care provided by CATS takes this qualification to new heights.

In 2019, CATS students scored an average of 34.5/45, compared to the global average of 28.51. This year’s high score of 45 improves on our previous high of 43, with future students entering every year to compete for that perfect 45/45.

Best of all is the spirit of community and comradeship which define the CATS experience. Two prime examples are twins Rodrigo and Eduardo from Brazil. Alumni themselves, they now offer mentoring to current Canterbury students, paying forward the benefits they received here.

Could your child join many others who have found their path in life at CATS?

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