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Fall Semester 2017                                Monday September 4th to Friday December 15th 2017
High School Preparation Program Monday August 7th to Friday September 1st 2017
Arrival and Orientation Saturday and Sunday September 2nd - 3rd 2017
First Day of Fall Semester classes
Monday September 4th 2017
Winter Vacation Saturday December 16th 2017 to Sunday January 7th 2018
Spring Semester 2018 Monday January 8th to Friday June 1st 2018
New Student Arrival and Orientation Sunday January 7th 2018
Spring vacation Saturday March 3rd to Sunday March 25th 2018
Summer 2018 Programs
CATS Ivy Leadership Program Sunday July 8th to Sunday August 5th, 2018
STEM Program Sunday July 8th to Sunday August 5th, 2018
High School Preparation Program      Sunday August 5th to Friday August 31st 2018
Fall semester 2018 Saturday September 1st to Friday December 14th 2018
High School Preparation Program Sunday August 5th to Friday August 31st 2018
Arrival and Orientation Saturday September 1st 2018
Winter vacation
Friday December 14th 2018 to Saturday January 5th, 2019
Spring semester 2019 Saturday January 5th to Friday May 31st 2019
New student orientation Saturday January 5th 2019
Spring vacation Saturday March 2nd to Saturday March 23rd 2019