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i) ‘The College’ or ‘We/Us/Our’ – CATS at the relevant location as detailed in a student’s offer letter.
ii) ‘The Student’ – the person who is studying at CATS.
iii) ‘Parent’ – all natural parents, or any person who, although not a natural parent, has parental responsibility for a child or young person. The term Parent is deemed to include the role of ‘Guardian’ (a person who has been appointed by a judge to take care of a minor child personally and/or manage that person’s affairs) and ‘Carer’ – someone who cares for a child under 18 years of age. The Parent is deemed to be the person responsible for the payment of fees. Where a Student is over 18, and has agreement from the payer of their fees to do so, the College will communicate with them in lieu of the Parent.
iv) ‘Agent’ – the person or organisation that the Parent or Student has entered into a contract with directly for the provision of services relating to educational choices advisory.

1. Important

Please read these conditions carefully. It is important that both Parent and Student read and understand all of these conditions as you confirm that you accept them when you sign our registration form. The terms and conditions apply throughout a Student’s stay with the College, regardless of changes made to a Student’s course of study or accommodation, subject to the College giving reasonable notice of such changes wherever possible. These terms and conditions apply to all Students enrolled from September 2016 onwards.

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2. Application and enrolment

To enrol a Student at the College, the application form must be completed, and signed by the Student and Parent. Online applications are also possible via our website. If a place is available, we will confirm acceptance as soon as possible, usually within 2 working days of receipt of documentation and payment of the registration fee and deposit (together: £2,500). We will then send you a full offer pack to complete, which must be signed by the Student and Parent and returned to confirm the place.

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3. Payment of fees and expenses

Please see your offer pack or invoice for details of how and when to pay. Fees are invoiced in advance for each year and are payable termly, 2 weeks before the start of the relevant term. 

Interest is charged at the rate of 2% per month on late payments. We reserve the right to suspend or cancel tuition and/ or accommodation, or to require advance payment for future terms, in cases of repeated failure to make payment by the due date. The Student may be prevented from attending lessons, sitting examinations or the results of examinations and/or College references or other information may be withheld where fees remain unpaid in whole or in part.

We regret that we cannot extend credit to students. All additional expenses (trips, examination fees, books and materials, etc) must be paid for in advance in cash if requested. Please note that study materials are not routinely included in our fees. The initial deposit cannot be used by the student to pay for expenses or cover shortfall in fees. The deposit will be refunded once all expenses have been cleared to the account, at the latest 3 months after the end of the student’s course of studies. A refund form will then be sent to the Parent which must be completed and signed, after which refunds are normally paid within 10 working days.

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4. Fee increases and programme changes

Fees are adjusted annually in September for each new academic year. The College reserves the right to increase the fees at any time in exceptional circumstances, but fee increases will not apply if payment has already been made. The College reserves the right to withdraw a programme or a single subject at any time, giving reasonable notice wherever possible, and either provide a suitable alternative or refund any unexpired part of the course.

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5. Late arrival

Students are expected to make travel arrangements to ensure they can attend from the first day of term. UK Visas and Immigration service (‘UKVI’) restrict entry to the UK for late arrivals in certain circumstances. We ask any late arriving students to provide regular updates on their expected arrival date and we may have to defer a student’s entry to a later term if a student does not arrive within one month of the course start date. In such cases the cancellation and withdrawal policies will apply.

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6. Cancellation (before starting studies)

Once we have accepted a Student we have reserved them a place, and may have to turn other students away. In cases where a place is cancelled, written cancellation must therefore be given to the Principal by the Parent and receipt will be acknowledged in writing. The following cancellation charges shall apply:
– More than 2 weeks before the first day of study – £2,500
– Less than 2 weeks before the first day of study – £2,500, plus one full term’s applicable tuition and accommodation fee.
When a student defers the start date of their studies and then subsequently cancels this will be considered as less than 2 weeks’ notice. If cancellation is due to visa refusal through no fault of your own, in normal circumstances the college will refund all fees paid excluding the £200 administration fee. Full written details including evidence of refusal will be required. Under UK consumer law you have the right to change your mind within 14 days of your original enrolment (the ‘cooling off period”), starting from the date on which your deposit to reserve your place is paid. In this event, fees will be returned to you, net of bank charges. You must make a statement of cancellation to us in writing, either to, or using the cancellation form available at

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7. Withdrawal (after starting studies)

Once a student has commenced their studies, one full term’s (or semester, where relevant) notice is required for any withdrawal. Withdrawal from part of a term is not possible. If you do not provide us with this notice, we will charge both the current term’s fee and one term’s fees in lieu of notice. This clause applies to withdrawals from tuition and/or accommodation provided by the College. If a student wishes to change their course of study, after starting their studies, the same notice provisions apply to any change in fees. Any students withdrawing will be reported to the UKVI and will be required to provide documentary evidence of their return to their home country (eg visa stamp) or of their sponsorship by a new school. The College is unable to refund fees when the student is absent due to illness or injury or other emergency, or change in personal circumstances. The Parent or Student (if over 18) is therefore required to arrange adequate fee insurance to provide cover for the refund of fees in such cases. Please contact if you would like details of the insurance cover provision provided by our partner, Endsleigh Insurance.

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8. Academic performance

Students are expected to attend lessons, complete their work, and attain reasonable performance targets. English for Academic purposes will normally form part of a student’s studies until such point as they reach IELTS 7.5 in all areas. If, in the reasonable opinion of the Principal the student has not satisfactorily attended lessons, or has failed to attain reasonable performance targets, the College may not enter the student for public or internally accredited examinations or allow the student to continue with their studies. In the event of a student being withdrawn in these circumstances, no refund of the term’s fees or deposit will be made, in accordance with the withdrawal conditions above. The College will support all students in their applications through UCAS to university in the UK. If a student applies directly then the College has limited ability to assist if such applications are unsuccessful. It is the duty of the student to ensure all supporting qualification documents submitted to UCAS are valid originals and can be corroborated by the relevant university admissions department if required. Scholarship recipients must maintain good academic and personal standing during their course to remain eligible for the award. Students found guilty of academic and/or personal misconduct during their course may have their scholarship withdrawn.

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9. Trips, visits and medical care

The Parent and Student confirm consent to participation in all college trips and activities on or off college premises, and agree to the provision of first aid or urgent medical treatment as necessary. Parents and Students agree that the College may administer any non-prescription medication or first aid as is deemed appropriate and to seek medical, dental or optical treatment when required. It is important that the College is made aware of any welfare or medical conditions or disabilities so that the Student can be cared for appropriately. Parents and Students also agree to notify the College of special dietary needs, allergies or other medical conditions where special arrangements have to be made. If a student arrives at College with a undeclared pre-existing condition, the College reserves the right to ask the student to leave the College, or (where possible) to attend private medical or psychological treatment. The cost for any such treatment will be met by the Parent. Parents should be aware that charges for UK National Health Service (“NHS”) treatment may apply, subject to local policies. Parents are required to obtain adequate insurance prior to travel for all medical care. The cost to see a private doctor or dentist, for routine or emergency treatment, can vary and can be requested via the College’s medical centre. The student will need to pay for these costs directly. Cancellation or withdrawal for medical reasons is subject to the notice periods described above.

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10. Disciplinary matters and exclusion

Discipline: The College operates a multi stage discipline system and will ensure Parents are made aware if a Student’s conduct in the College is a concern, as we believe that the inclusion of Parents is the best route to address and improve Student behavioural issues. The Student must abide by the College’s rules as set out in the Student Handbook or as may be published or announced by the Principal from time to time. The College reserves the right to require a student’s immediate withdrawal and return home, for serious disciplinary or behavioural matters or if in the judgement of the Principal this is in the best interests of the Student or their peers. If exclusion is necessary, arrangements will be made for the student to return home at the earliest possible opportunity, and the student will be required to confirm their safe arrival to their home country for onwards evidence to the UKVI. Their visa sponsorship will be withdrawn. Any relevant expenses incurred by the College to return the Student and their personal property shall become payable by the Parent. In the event of a Student’s temporary or permanent exclusion from the College, no refund will be made. Any student found to have misled the College as to their qualifications, medical or psychological history, learning difficulties, prior UK visa history or suitability for entry will be subject to expulsion from the College. Should an alternative course of study be more suitable, the College will support the Student make this change, but it should be noted that such a change in programme may also require notification to UKVI. Failure to attend lessons is a disciplinary matter. Continued absence without authorisation may mean we have to report a Student to the UKVI and risks visa withdrawal. The Parent and Student consent to the Student providing samples that may be required, where appropriate given the age of the student, in accordance with the College substance misuse policy.

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11. Accommodation

We make every effort to confirm accommodation room type at the point of registration. Where a Student’s preference is not available at that time (this is often the case from late summer onwards) a Student may opt to be waitlisted for their preference. Final confirmation of room allocations will be made two weeks prior to arrival. Once a student has taken up their accommodation, one full term’s notice is required for any withdrawal. The relevant details are given in section 7 above. Any Student under the age of 21 is expected to live in College accommodation unless either living with a Parent or a legal Guardian at least 25 years old (subject to Principal’s approval), within reasonable travelling distance of the College. Any other exceptional arrangements are subject to the approval of the Principal. Should a student move out of college accommodation without prior approval from the Principal, accommodation fees will be charged for the remainder of the full academic year. The student may at any time be asked to change accommodation for disciplinary reasons. Any additional fee shall become immediately payable. Students who begin their studies in January may be required to change the location of their accommodation in Summer Term 2. Students in college owned accommodation are not charged during half term - although most students return home. Students under 18 remaining in college during holidays will be required to attend additional activity and/or taught sessions during the day. Students under 16 on 1 September remaining in accommodation during vacation periods may be required at the discretion of the Principal to undertake additional sessions during both half term or holiday times and additional charges may apply. Details of vacation stay charges are available on our website.

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12. Damages to property, and fines

The Parent and Student are liable for the cost of any breakages, loss or damage caused by the Student to the premises in which the student is being taught or is living. Breakages, loss or damage in shared areas are considered the joint responsibility of the students in occupation, and will be recovered as such, unless an individual student accepts responsibility. The College may impose a reasonable penalty or fine for other forms of misconduct such as contravening health & safety regulations such as smoking bans, or breaking College policies. The College does not accept responsibility or liability for the student’s personal property, and the student is advised to take out personal insurance to cover any loss or damage to personal property which may occur while the student is at the College.

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13. Publicity

By enrolling with the College, the Parent and the Student consent to the reasonable use of the student’s details and academic achievements, including images or recordings of the student howsoever made, for promotional purposes. Scholarship recipients are expected to become Ambassadors for their College. Student Ambassador responsibilities may include a variety of forms of supporting the College’s activity to engage with new students, either online, in print or in person. They may also include supporting new students joining the College from their home country.

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14. Data protection

Any information provided to the College may be held on computer and shall be used by the College in accordance with its data protection registration and the data protection principles. Details of these are provided in the Student Handbooks. Details of Cambridge Education Group's privacy policy is can be found here.

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15. Complaints

Complaints should be addressed to the Principal, or otherwise in accordance with the Complaints policy, which can be located on our website.

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16. Payment to agents

Before applying to study with us you may have engaged an agent to offer you advice and support in applying for your studies and you may in some cases also have agreed to pay a fee to your agent for those services. We further understand that you wish us to pay that fee to your agent on your behalf (up to maximum limits as stated on
Where this is the case we acknowledge that your tuition fees payable may include a sum owing by you to your agent up to a maximum limit as referred to above. We agree, at our discretion, to pay this sum to your agent up to a maximum limit per term on your behalf and reduce your tuition fees owing to us accordingly provided that the following conditions are met:
– You enrol at the College;
– You correctly complete the application form to authorise us to make these payments to your nominated agent;
– You pay all relevant academic fees to the College as they become due;
– Your agent has achieved Approved Agent status, an Approved Agent being an agent that has entered into a contract with you directly for the provision of services that are of a level and nature which satisfies Cambridge Education Group’s internal policies and expectations of an agent, and who has been confirmed by Cambridge Education Group as being such an agent.

Provided the above conditions are met and if for any reason we decide not to pay an amount due to your agent on your behalf, then we will refund to you the amount owing to your agent up to the maximum limit, for you to pay across directly. If you have agreed with your agent that you will pay more than the maximum limit, then you will remain liable to pay any excess to your agent. Having satisfied the above conditions should you NOT wish us to make an automatic payment to the Agent used please notify Central Admissions on

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17. Liability and Jurisdiction

The College shall not be liable for either death or personal injury suffered by any student except as may arise through the negligence of the College.

These terms and conditions, and any disputes arising from contracts or agreements with the College shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law under the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

18. The Colleges

CATS College Cambridge is a division of Cambridge Arts and Sciences Limited (company no. 03454690) which is a limited liability company registered in England. CATS College Cambridge trades at: 1 High Street, Chesterton, Cambridge CB4 1NQ. CATS College London Limited (company no. 07442735) trades at 43-45 Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2RA and is a limited liability company registered in England. CATS Canterbury Limited (company no. 06355641) (known as CATS College Canterbury) trades at 68 New Dover Road, Canterbury CT1 3LQ. All of the above are limited liability companies registered in England.

19. Download

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