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Your first week

On your first day you will register at the College and get settled in.  You will have time to unpack and meet your fellow students, Houseparents and some of your teachers.   You will also have the opportunity to explore London and do some last minute shopping for things you would still like in your room.  This is why it is important to arrive on the weekend; to use this free time to make yourself comfortable at College. 

On Monday 2 September you are given an Induction timetable.  This is not the timetable that you will follow for your lessons for the rest of the year.  This is a special timetable to ensure you get all the induction tasks done before you start lessons.  Some of these tasks include:

Tour the college and city

Take a guided tour of the College facilities and get to know your way around London.

Get connected

Receive Information on IT, including how to log on to the College network and also how to open a bank account. (We can help with this)

Say hello

To your fellow students, College staff and the Curriculum team to confirm your course/ subjects and get your timetable. You will also be introduced to the Finance team to give them evidence of payment of fees.

Register your details

with Student Services, the local doctor and the Police if necessary (students from certain countries only)

Collect your permit

Collect your Biometric Residence Permit (students with Tier 4 visas only) and your College ID card for entrance to College facilities and proof of entitlement to meals.


We also hold tests within the first few weeks of term:

A Mathematics test
(mathematics students only)

An English test
(non-native English speakers only)

A test from Durham University
This is for all students, and it helps us set your target grades in all your subjects.

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