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Extra-curricular activities

There is a wide range of extra-curricular activities at CATS London and you’re sure to find something you enjoy.


Over a year at CATS, you’ll have the opportunity to go on several trips to UK destinations, both for study, learning or leisure. A single trip can cost between £15 and £150. This will either be deducted from your float account, or you must pay before booking.

Social events

We organise College social events on a regular basis, which students are encouraged to take part in. Every month there is different activity organised to share the British values and prepare our students to achieve their best.

Afterschool activities

Debating clubs, English clubs, art, music, drama and dance are just a few of the weekly activities offered at the College. There are activities in College residences, and students can attend events in any of the residences. Pool tables, table tennis and computer games are all available to students in the evenings.

Students who wish to take part in higher level sporting activities should see the College Activities Manager who will help you with trials for local teams, as well as help you join College teams.

The student council 

The Student Council meets regularly and gives a voice to students’ needs and points of view. It makes an important contribution to the planning of events and is open to all students to join.

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