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Passport and proofs:

  • Passport (with visa if required)
  • Proof of your financial support
  • Proof of any study fees that you’ve already paid
  • If you are on medication a letter from your doctor stating the medication which you are taking and why

CAS and Supporting Documents:

  • CAS (confirmation of acceptance for studies) statement
  • Originals (not photocopies) of the supporting documents for your visa application, plus evidence of finances used for your visa. These will be listed on your CAS Statement


  • Confirmation of Enrolment
  • Proof of last IELTS/English
  • IGCSE qualification

Consent to Travel:

  • A letter, completed by your parents or guardians
  • A bank draft or cheque for your college fees: If you have already paid your fees, please bring evidence, i.e. bank transfer documentation.
  • Four passport-size photographs: For rules about passport photos visit -

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