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Spending money: 

For your arrival and first two weeks at College, most students will need around £100. If you are self-catered you will need around £250. You will also need money for textbook purchases, however this will be easier if you have a float account set up.



Appropriate for all weather conditions.  For more information about UK weather please visit

During the school day you are expected to wear modest attire suitable for a learning environment (e.g. no offensive, explicit content).


Towels and essential toiletries:

Please remember not to pack too much, as storage will be limited in your room.


Any medication that you are taking:

Please visit - more for information


A UK power adaptor for your electronic items:

For more information regarding adaptors visit -


Laptop or tablet:

Students can choose their device but it should be able to type up essays, carry out research, connect to a printer and have Microsoft Office installed as an English language version.

We recommend the following:

  • 13” screen
  • A keyboard which can be used to generated extended pieces of writing
  • 4GB Ram, Intel I3 processor (or equivalent) and a 500GB HDD
  • WiFi enabled
  • MS Windows with the MS Office portfolio of applications, or Apple Mac equivalent, as an English language installation

Those students who wish to use Apple products will need to ensure that they have a Microsoft account that enables them to use MS Office online:



We have an International day every year at CATS Cambridge. We encourage you to bring traditional dress from your home country, and anything else that may be of cultural interest.


You will not need

Bed linen

This will be provided in your Boarding House.

Large amounts of cash

Do not carry this on you, or in your personal belongings.

Certain food items

Do not bring any meat or dairy products. It is illegal to import these to the UK.

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