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Extra-Curricular Activities

We encourage you to join at least one and ideally two of the extra-curricular activities at CATS Cambridge. This gives you a break from your studies and can add to your UCAS application. With a wide range of sports and activities available every week, there is something of interest for all students.

GCSE and Pre programme students are required to do two clubs/activities per week.

Speak to the Sports & Activities Team in College during arrivals weekend to get a flavour of all the clubs, events and overseas trips on offer for the year ahead.


You have the opportunity to join around 40 sports and activity clubs which run each week. These are all free to CATS Cambridge students.

Leisure Activities & Events

We run activities in and around Cambridge each month. In the boarding house you will also find pool tables, table tennis and foosball tables in the Common Room to enjoy with your friends.

Duke of Edinburgh (DofE)

DofE is highly regarded by universities as it shows your team work and leadership skills.

Overseas Trips

During the year you have the opportunity to travel to various destinations both for fun and to learn about different cultures.


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