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International students coming to study in the UK normally require a visa. Even if you can visit the UK without a visa, you may still need a visa to study here. If you travel without a valid visa, you may not be able to enter the UK. To find out how to apply for a visa, please visit

If you have any questions about your visa, please contact the Admissions team or click here -

Your visa guide

Applying for a student visa

You will need a CAS Statement (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies). CAS Statements support applications for Student visas. If you need a Student visa, you should have already received CAS from us. If you have not received your CAS, email as soon as possible.

Confirmation of Enrolment

Students who join us on a Short-Term Study visa need a Confirmation of Enrolment. We also send a Confirmation of Enrolment to students who do not require any visa at all. If you have not received your Confirmation of Enrolment, email as soon as possible.

About the Student Visa route

If your Student visa is for more than six months, you will only be granted entry clearance for one month. After this month, you will need a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) to leave and enter the UK. This permit will be valid for the duration of your visa, and you will need to collect it on arrival in the UK. The College will help you collect your Biometric Residence Permit.

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