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Your College fees are for tuition, welfare, most activities and accommodation only. If you have catered accommodation your meals will also be included in the costs.

Additional finances

We recommend you open a UK bank account which we can help you with. You will need additional finances to pay for the ongoing costs of your education. This includes expenses such as trips and books.

For full details please visit: Admissions

Float account

You may either cover additional costs from your personal finances, or through a ‘float account’ managed by the College. You or your parents can fund this account as necessary, and the College can then give you an agreed amount of pocket money each week. A float account is managed by the College. It’s designed to help students look after their money, and can also be used to help cover College expenses.

Please email:

CATS Cambridge:

CATS Canterbury:

CATS London:

before you arrive to help you set up a float account.


During Christmas vacation (click here for date details)

The Boarding Houses close. You will need to make alternative arrangements.

Half term holidays

All students can stay in the Boarding Houses during the half-term holidays. If you are under 16 there is a compulsory activities programme, this incurs a cost of £200 per week. If you are over 16, you are welcome to stay in your accommodation at no extra charge.

Easter vacation (click here for date details)

There is a weekly charge if you wish to stay in your boarding house over Easter. You will need to give at least one month’s notice.

Self-catered students

Self-catered students can buy food and drink during the day. You can also buy meal vouchers from the catering team.


We highly recommend you take out student travel insurance that will cover you for any emergencies while you are studying in the UK. If you have already opted to take the insurance we offer, you will be covered for the following:

Cancellation or curtailment charges Personal money, passport & documents
Emergency medical & other expenses Personal liability
Private medical emergency cover ("plus" cover holders only) Missed departure
Personal accident Overseas legal expenses & assistance
Baggage Course fees

For full policy details contact the Admissions Team