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Here is what our students' parents have said about their child's education at CATS.

I am very grateful to this wonderful team of teachers and all school staff members for their professional work and a lot of help they have offered to my son. Thanks to them all, he has successfully passed the exams.
Congrats to CATS Academy Boston, my daughter is placed at the triple A rated Business School from Maastricht University, from 1200 applicants she ranked 353! You did your job very well, thank you again so much for helping her to get this acceptance.
CATS is a vigorous college, always improving and taking responsibility for students. It has a wide range of courses, friendly tutors and rich experiences in education. It is a College of a high merit.
CATS focus is to improve students' academic ability in order to enter higher education. It has good pastoral and boarding facilities and a very safe environment. It offers guarded independence for students and the College environment allows students to achieve a higher set of academic goals.
Our son's confidence definitely improved during his time at CATS, especially in Maths and in understanding English, thanks to the help from his tutors. The one-to-one lessons in Maths and encouragement from every tutor, we believe, are examples of the key difference and key advantages from studying in China, and we think that the really supportive way of teaching and helping really suited and helped him achieve his place at Cambridge.
A billion thanks to you and the team for doing your utmost directly or indirectly to assist our son in every aspect. If I get the chance, my family and I will personally drop by to thank the whole team, we have never experienced this support from other Colleges. Last but not least, I wish everyone and the school the very best of luck and many more successful years to come.
We were (as a family) very happy to substitute the care we gave our son with the care the college gave, which helped him to grow and become a mature individual. The excellent teachers were happy to find out, during the two years, the human side of our child as well as the academic and with their patience managed the character of our son very well and gave the best advice possible. We will always be grateful to CATS and its fantastic team.