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Student handbooks:

College Newsletters:

Issue 1

  • London Newsletter Issue 1 (Contents: Business trips, Student committee leaders, Haloween Party, Activities, Christmas weekend)
  • Canterbury Principals letter December 2016 (Contents: Certificates from ISA, Awards, Christmas Celebrations, Global Leadership Day, Planetarium & STEM Clubs, Universities in Canterbury, Bewl Water, United Nations)

Issue 2

  • London Newsletter Issue 2 (Contents: Regents University Visit, Human Rights Talk, Mindfulness, UK Mathematics Trust Team Challenge)

Issue 3

  • London Newsletter Issue 3 (Contents: Welcome Back, Mindfulness Masterclass, Week of Culture 2017, Fine Art Mock Exams, Activities)

Issue 4

  • London Newsletter Issue 4 (Contents: Economics Trip to Frankfurt, Art and MFL Trip to Barcelona, Science Olympiads, Activities Update, Half Term activities)

Issue 5

  • London Newsletter Issue 5 (Contents: Karthik Nagesan Workshop, Half Term Activities, Art & Photography Show, Flamenca Gala, Activities Update)

Issue 6

  • London Newsletter Issue 6 (Contents: End of term, CIFE Awards Ceremony, Biology Trip to IoE, Art Trip to Victoria Miro Gallery, CATS Boston visit, Young Enterprise, Business Coursework, Activities Update)