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International boarding education for students aged 14+

Semester Abroad

Our Semester Abroad program offers the chance to try the true American high school experience at CATS Academy Boston. Students can experience the very best of American education at CATS Academy in a friendly, supportive international environment in the academic hub of Boston.

Key Facts

  • Single semester
  • Relevant to courses already studied at home
  • Offers a range of extra-curricular activities
  • Choice of homestay or residential accommodation

At CATS Academy Boston, we deliver the unparalleled combination of a challenging and respected CATS education with a vibrant and balanced academic and extra-curricular program. Through our international community, our students easily gain a global perspective that values diverse cultures and prepares them for an intercultural world.

Based on our High School Diploma curriculum, the Semester Abroad courses will be relevant to those already studying in their home country. At CATS Academy Boston, students coming to us for a semester are welcomed into our campus with the rest of the school community, staying in the dorms alongside the High School Diploma students.

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