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International boarding education for students aged 14+

CATS Institute for Global Business

An integral part of the curriculum is the CATS Institute for Global Business (CIGB), an innovative program that prepares students to become effective decision makers, communicators, global citizens and leaders.

Electives in the program provide students with hands-on experience in entrepreneurship, innovation, social justice and environmental responsibility. Through CIGB, students explore interdisciplinary areas of interest which give them insights into potential areas of study in college. Students are required to take a foundation course in either Professional Communications and Financial Management.

Choose a direction

All CATS students are required to take a CIGB foundation course as part of their graduation requirements. Beyond the required foundation course, CATS students can choose their level of engagement with CIGB by taking additional focused electives, which lead towards a Certificate of Excellence in CIGB or an Honorable Mention in CIGB. They may also participate in co-curricular clubs such as technology and innovation club, DECA, School Store and fashion club.


Robust foundation courses

Managing finances and acquiring presentation and public speaking skills are key proficiencies that all students need to be successful, both personally and professionally. All CATS students complete one of two semester-long courses in Finance Management or Professional Communications. The courses prepare students on how to make complex decisions involving money, their careers and their lives as well as to become effective communicators. These are skills which universities look for when considering students for admission to their highly competitive schools. CATS graduates who have participated in CIGB will have an edge.

 Financial Management
"" Professional Communications

Experiential co-curricular clubs

CIGB offers a robust selection of co-curricular activities which expose students to real-world co-curricular clubs which are goal oriented and practice based. Students involved with CIGB co-curriculars will also meet with regional experts, visit businesses related to the club’s focus, and attend relevant lectures, workshops and conferences.

Innovative electives

All students may take any CIGB elective course throughout their academic journey at CATS Academy Boston. These electives inspire creative thought, push the boundaries of accepted theory and engage students in cutting-edge fields of study. Since September 2015, 270 students have taken one or more of the 18 CIGB courses offered.

Business of Music Big Data
Music Technology and Production Game Theory
Fashion Technology and Marketing Robotics

Mathematical Modeling and Applications

 Macroeconomics Microeconomics


Global perspectives from hands-on activities

CATS Talks is a series of globally focused site visits, activities and lectures offered to CATS students on subjects such as innovation, entrepreneurship, new technology, bio-engineering, robotics, big data, entertainment, hospitality, and the startup business.

To date, our students have had the opportunity to hear and engage with speakers from Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Oxford University. Future programming will tap into the rich academic, business, industrial and financial ecosystems available in the Boston-area.


Opportunities outside school

In addition to ongoing entrepreneurship programs with Youth Cities, and Cambridge Innovation, we are developing future opportunities for our students to participate in activities and events outside the immediate CATS Academy campus, such as occasions to listen to and meet Boston-area entrepreneurs through CIGB electives, CATS Talks, and trips to guest lectures.

CIGB pathways

Students can choose their level of participation in CIGB. There are three levels: A Certificate of Excellence in Global Business is the highest additional honor given to graduates completing the required CIGB coursework. For those students participating less intensively, there is an Honorable Mention in Global Business. All other students will have completed the Foundation coursework in CIGB.

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