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The College Counseling team is passionate about holistic student development, providing unparalleled admission counseling services to students, nurturing their confidence, building their skills for lifelong success, encouraging students to select and apply to the best colleges for them, and supporting them through each step of the college application process. Through individualized support and the program as a whole, students will be able to differentiate themselves successfully from others competing for the same college places and gain the best possible admissions opportunities for them.

  • Students receive unlimited individual support from highly experienced dedicated full time College Counsellors, as well as support from Personal Tutors.

  • Sophia Meas, our Director of College Counselling, has over fifteen years of experience in Higher Education and was previously a Senior Admissions and Financial Aid Officer at Harvard College.

  • Extended college counseling hours throughout the year and the after school College Counseling Club support students through every step of the university admission process.

  • Comprehensive mandatory test preparation for every student for SAT and ACT – embedded into the curriculum.

  • Individual expert college essay (English) support is part of the curriculum.

  • Over 100 universities and colleges visit CATS Academy each year to meet our students. Students also have the opportunity to attend up to four large university fairs each year.

College Counselling timeline

CATS Academy is committed to helping our students get into top colleges. We provide specialized guidance to see them through the complicated and challenging college application process.

US College Admissions Process

Applying to college in the United States is an intensive and challenging process. In many other countries, the decision of whether to admit a student is based solely on standardized test scores,. In the US, colleges and universities take into account everything about a student, not just academia. College admissions departments want to build talented and diverse student bodies filled with well-rounded students.

Whether a student is interested in business, history or something as specialized as petroleum engineering, there are programs available. The range of courses and colleges available to students in the US is unparalleled anywhere else is the world. There really is a program or school that will meet any interest or career path a student wishes to pursue! Unfortunately, it also makes the admissions process highly unpredictable. It is this that causes the greatest amount of confusion and frustration for parents and students. Everyone wants a clear answer to the question “How do I get in?” but the truth is - there isn’t one.

That being said, there are certain qualities every college looks for and actions every student can take in order to maximize his or her chances of admission to selective US colleges and universities.


When assessing a candidate for admission, the admissions officers must determine whether or not the student can handle the academics at that institution. Therefore, it is important that students demonstrate their academic potential. In other countries, this is often measured by one, or a series of, tests. We certainly have college admissions tests in the United States, but it is important to remember that they are merely one of many factors considered. Many different tests are used to measure the aptitude and knowledge of a student. Generally students are expected to take the SAT I, two SATIIs, and the TOEFL if they are from a foreign country, as well as AP exams.

In addition to test scores, admissions officers also consider a student’s high school transcript. In general, the work done over four years of high school is a better indicator of long term performance than a test taken once. It is however, important to take both grades and standardized testing seriously.

Extracurricular activities

In order to be a successful college applicant, each student must also demonstrate a dedication to extracurricular activities. Every single student has a different path to college and will participate in a different set of activities. These activities demonstrate leadership, commitment and passion.

Colleges look for students who can effectively motivate and lead other students- these are the students who will eventually go on to become business people, company executives and politicians. Effective leadership is a crucial ability for career success, regardless of profession.

Colleges also look for students displaying commitment to an interest- this shows that a student can become meaningfully involved, whether it is in their college studies or future career. The final quality, passion is just as important as the other two. Passion demonstrates the potential for a student to become interested in a college's offerings and to commit to mastering whatever that interest may be.

Well-rounded students

CATS Academy works to help every student become “well-rounded.” A well rounded student has excellent academic achievements and demonstrates leadership, commitment and passion through extra-curricular activities. Our goal is to maximize every student’s chances of being admitted to selective colleges and universities.

Support throughout the whole application process

CATS Academy Boston has dedicated college advisors offering individual guidance through the college application process. We will assist students with every stage from choice of college, and/or degree to assessing career options for the future.

In many US schools, this process usually begins in the 11th grade. However, at CATS Academy, advice is available from the moment a student joins as it is important to start thinking about college as early as possible. Application process assistance available to CATS Academy students includes:

  • college visits: Several days in September and October are designated as college visiting days.
  • one-on-one counseling with the Director of College Guidance and the student's advisor.
  • ACT/SAT preparation.
  • personalized visits from college representatives

Latest news - 2016 college acceptances

2016 has been a record-breaking year for CATS Academy college acceptances.

  • 100% acceptance to US colleges/universities
  • 97% of students received the offer of scholarship(s) up to a value of $222,600!

There are around 4,000 colleges/universities in the US.

  • 22% of CATS Academy Boston students have been accepted to the top 1% of universities in the US
  • 50% of CATS Academy Boston students have been accepted to the top 2% of universities in the US
  • 93% of CATS Academy Boston students have been accepted to the top 5% of universities in the US