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English Learning Programmes

In the modern world, English is so important – 85% of international organisations use it, and universities also have strict English requirements for their students. Because CATS students are truly international, with over 85 different nationalities studying with us, English is the common language and students are able to develop their linguistic skills as well as making friends from all corners of the world.

  • Studying English at CATS Studying English at CATS
  • CATS students gain confidence with the English language CATS students gain confidence with the English language
  • Students common language is English Students common language is English
  • English is taught across all classes English is taught across all classes
  • Students enjoying English literature Students enjoying English literature
  • Students have access to a range of English books Students have access to a range of English books


English support

We understand that our students arrive with differing levels of English, so we ensure that our language support is tailored for everyone no matter what their ability. 

  • English teaching for every student is included in our fees, it is not additional cost or an added extra
  • All students are tested when they arrive so we can split classes appropriately and assess individual needs 
  • Students are grouped according to their levels which enables faster progress 
  • Regular language assessment throughout the academic year tracks progress and flags issues 
  • Average 5 hours English tuition per week, adaptable based on ability 
  • Extra hours of English and language focussed subject support classes for lower level students
  • Students who are weak in writing and reading get extra classes focussing specifically on those skills
  • Higher level students are challenged – studying for the Cambridge Advanced Examination and working on academic skills needed for entry to top universities
  • Exam preparation – IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge Suite Exams (PET, FCE, CAE) 
  • Small class sizes of an average 14 students encourage individual interaction and practise of language skills

English teaching excellence

All of CATS teachers are passionate about students enjoying speaking English together – they aim to make language teaching exciting, interesting and encourage everyone to develop their voice.

  • 95% of our English teachers have a level 7 Diploma in TESOL and/or an MA or PGCE 
  • Many teachers are involved in language research projects at top universities and present at international conferences – including the TESOL annual conference, and the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language conference
  • Ongoing training and support for subject teachers to understand the learning needs of international students 
  • Adapted teaching style and teaching materials to make lessons accessible 
  • Innovative teaching methods allow native and non-native English speakers to master the language
  • English language development is embraced across the whole school – English is taught in dedicated English classes and supported in subject classes and extra-curricular activities  
  • Our teachers use methodologies that help students develop English in all their classes, not just their English classes
  • Small class sizes encourage students to be confident in speaking English with their peers

Academic Director for English Language Teaching

Our dedicated Academic Director for English Language Teaching ensures that English teaching at CATS is always at the forefront of what we do, and has years of experience teaching English to international students. 

  • Best practice is shared between all CATS campuses and our specialist schools of English (Stafford House) 
  • Ensures consistently high quality of English teaching & learning across all campuses
  • Innovative approaches to English curriculum design
  • Framework for continuous professional development for English teachers

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